Authors:  Ilyah, Jasmine, Kendra, Will

We had a magical trip and ate many different meals. As we traveled, we ate all types of their traditional foods, including fried banana, pineapple, and for every meal we had rice and beans, a type of protein, and wonderfully prepared fresh fruits and vegetables.

One night, we went to a local family’s house and they graciously prepared a meal for us. We recorded the recipe, as seen below. At the house, we learned the history of the recipe too. Rice and beans are a very large portion of the Costa Rican diet and most people eat it. It is a very popular dish. All the food we ate was so fresh. Even though we had not eaten some of the foods before, they were all delicious and we would love to have them again. We met a local and it turned out she worked at the UGA campus, which happened to be the place that we were staying. She asked us what we wanted to eat the next morning for breakfast. We told her and the next morning, sure enough, we had pancakes just like we requested!  We felt spoiled.

Many of the dishes we had were very important to the culture of Costa Rica. We also went and took a cooking class and we got to make a traditional Costa Rican dish. At every place we stayed, there were buffet style meals, so we were always full and ready to go. Also, all of these meals were homemade by the people who worked there. At the dinner with the family, one group made beef patties and had rice with them (recipe seen below). We thought they were going to be a normal ground beef patty that you can find in the United States but they were so much better than your normal beef patty.  They tasted so flavorful and fresh.

Our trip was absolutely wonderful and the food was one of the things that made it so wonderful. We all tried to eat as much as possible so we could remember the food for as long as possible. You might think that having beans and rice for every meal would get boring fast, but it didn’t. The meals that went with the rice and beans were always so delicious. One thing that made the food so good was the freshness of it. It made us realize that a lot of the food we eat at home travels a long ways to get to our plates, and is not as fresh.  We were grateful for all the yummy food in Costa Rica; the food was just one of things that made our trip so amazing.


Feast 1.JPG

Recipe:   Tortas de Carne Molida (Ground Beef Patties)

(our apologies: we do not actually have a photo of this meal)

Makes about 20 small patties

4 Cups Ground Beef - raw

2 Tbsp. Onions

14Cup Chopped Tomato Salsa

Any Seasoning You Want

12Cups Vegetables-fresh

112Cups Corn Flour (Maseca)

Enough Rice to Serve All

Enough Black Beans to Serve Allf

More salsa-for serving


Combine the meat, onions, salsa, seasoning, vegetables, and corn flour and then roll and press into small patties. Put into heated oil in a frying pan on high. Cook the patties until done. Put on plate with beans and rice and extra salsa. Serve and enjoy!